In what is, apparently, the first widely disseminated ruling, one court has already answered the question of whether the newly-established ABC test for determining independent contractor status in claims under the California Labor Code should be applied to pending cases with a resounding “yes.” Judge William Claster of the Orange County Superior Court ruled in Johnson v VCG-IS, LLC, No. 30-2015-00802813-CU-CR-CX (Cal. Super., July 18, 2018) that the new Dynamex “ABC” test should apply to this pending case in which exotic dancers working at Imperial Showgirls in Anaheim have been classified as independent contractors.  I wrote a column on this issue for the Los Angeles Daily Journal.  We are prohibited from publishing it here but the column points out some problems with Judge Claster’s analysis.  We also won’t take a position on the issue but there seems to be a good argument that the decision should not apply retroactively.  We will continue to monitor this issue.