Michael is brilliant. He has an analytical mind that can walk you through a complex fact pattern then come to the relevant law and advise.

Mary Wickham, Los Angeles County General Counsel

Michael worked hard throughout a long negotiation to push the parties to find common ground and a successful resolution.  He identifies shared ground and helps parties to say ‘yes.’

Ernest Bell, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

Michael is focused and persistent, and works to obtain the right result. In our case he went back to the other side time and time again in an effort to bring about a settlement.

Robert Keehn, Law Office of Robert F. Keehn

It is rare to find a mediator who has the practical sense of a former in-house attorney, extensive experience as a seasoned litigator, and is a master of the legal subject matter.  Michael brings all of these talents to the mediation process, increasing significantly the chances of success.

Nicholas P. Connon, Connon Wood

Michael is smart, hardworking and gets the job done.  Michael goes above and beyond to get a resolution.  If you want your case to settle, I highly recommend you use Michael Leb as your mediator.

Mark Potter, Potter Handy

Mr. Leb understands the critical issues quickly and is dedicated to helping the parties resolve their differences on a fair basis.  I have settled most of my cases with the help of Mr. Leb.

Peiwen Chang, Cogswell Nakazawa & Chang